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    Section 1. Formal Definitions

    1. Formal potential new members are defined as having registered and paid for IFC recruitment.
    2. Open potential new members are defined as any Texas Tech student not in the formal process that is actively seeking membership in an IFC fraternity.
    3. Any event hosted outside of the IFC Executive boards presented schedule for Formal recruitment must still follow all rules presented in the recruitment bylaws.
    4. IFC refers to the Interfraternity Council.
    5. Any mention of the Recruitment Team refers to the Interfraternity Council President, Executive Vice President of Recruitment, Associate Vice President of Recruitment, and the Vice President of Judicial Affairs.

    Section 2. Definition of Recruitment Periods


    1. During formal recruitment, the contact between Potential New Members and member fraternities will be organized for the benefit of all participating chapters.
    2. The dates for the fall and spring Formal Recruitment Periods will be set each semester by the Vice President of Recruitment.
    3. Open Recruitment is the period when bids may be extended by member fraternities except during the period outlined in Article VI section 2 subsection iv.
    4. Open Recruitment period ends the last day of the spring semester and resumes at the conclusion of fall bid day.
    5. No bids may be extended starting the last day of spring class and concluding on fall bid day. Also, during the week of spring formal recruitment no bids may be extended until bid day.
    6. Incoming freshman may not be extended Bids until the conclusion of fall or spring Bid Day or the day after fall or spring Bid Day.
    7. Open Recruitment potential new members may receive a bid no sooner than one day after fall recruitment bid day and one day after spring recruitment bid day for their respective semester of their rushing.

    Section 3. Potential New Member Requirements and Rules


    1. Any male who is interested in going through Recruitment, formal or informal, must have been accepted to Texas Tech and have a high school or college GPA of 2.50.
    2. The Interfraternity Council reserves the right to ask for official transcripts from students to verify G.P.A.
    3. See potential new member guidebook for potential new member rules.

    Section 4. General Regulations


    1. All University regulations will apply during Informal and Formal Recruitment.
    2. All organizations are required to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment activities.
    3. If any IFC fraternity decides not to participate in spring recruitment they may not recruit during the week of spring recruitment. They will be allowed to recruit following the conclusion of spring recruitment bid day.
    4. Any illegal activity not limited, use, sale and/or consumption of alcoholic or drugs with the Potential New Member(s) during Recruitment activity/function of any fraternity and/or with any member of a fraternity, or at any entertainment or function sponsored by any individual fraternity member(s) shall be prohibited.
    5. If a Potential New Member is found in violation of the Interfraternity Council Recruitment Regulations, including but not limited to the use of alcohol, missing formal recruitment events without prior notice to the Vice President of Recruitment, or found committing criminal acts, he will be subject to the penalty of not being able to join any fraternity for ninety (90) days.
    6. Chapter Recruitment Chairmen and Presidents are responsible for knowing all necessary recruitment materials: detailed recruitment schedule, recruitment regulations, and policies, etc.
    7. Official nametags and wristbands will be assigned to each Potential New Member when he formally registers for Recruitment. All Potential New Members must wear their nametags and wristbands at all recruitment functions and activities. Each fraternity is responsible for enforcing the use of all nametags and wristbands.
    8. A list of planned recruitment dates and locations for all days of recruitment will be submitted to the Recruitment Team on said date and time set by the Recruitment team. Failure to submit this information may result in referral to the Judicial Board.
    9. Women are not allowed at any IFC executive board scheduled event This does not apply to mothers or official chapter volunteers. No woman present shall actively recruit Potential New Members.
    10. Each fraternity must turn its bid list into the Campus Director System by the designated date and time.
    11. Each fraternity must include instructions for its new members on where and when, and what to wear at the conclusion of bid day.
    12. All fraternity members, with the exception of IFC Executive Officers, Chapter Executive officers, and Recruitment Captains are expected to stay clear of the final signing on Bid Day.
    13. Potential New Member registration fees will not be refunded. Appeals can be made to the Recruitment Team.
    14. Fraternities who decide to change recruitment locations after the final locations have been submitted and finalized will be fined an amount of $10 per active member before materials are printed, $15 once the materials have been printed, and $20 the week of recruitment.
    15. Each fraternity is required to submit their recruitment captains by a date specified by the recruitment team.
    16. IFC recruitment is a closed event to all university employees and the outside public. University employees may submit a request to the Interfraternity Council President for approval to attend IFC recruitment events.
    17. It is the responsibility of the Chapter Presidents and the Chapter Recruitment Chairmen to clear the premises of all Potential New Members after each recruitment event. This will be monitored closely by the IFC Executive Council and/or IFC Recruitment Captains.
    18. No Drop outs will be allowed after a potential new member signs up for recruitment. Appeals may be made to the Recruitment team at that night’s selections.
    19. Potential New Members are unable to be at any fraternity event he is not scheduled for. If the Potential New Member is found at a member fraternity’s event he was not invited to, he will not be able to join a member fraternity for 90 days, and the member fraternity would be charged with a recruitment violation.
    20. If the Potential New Member has a schedule conflict or emergency, and is unable to attend a recruitment event, he must notify the recruitment team at least twenty-four (24) hours before formal recruitment starts. If a Potential New Member fails to do so, he will be unable to join a member fraternity for 90 days.

    Section 4. Dirty Recruitment

    Defined as any action detrimental to a fraternity, group of fraternities, or the Interfraternity Council.

    Specific examples include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. “Bad-mouthing” another group (i.e., through implication, giving false information, etc.).
    2. Giving an oral bid, or handing out a bid, prior to the designated time.
    3. Pressuring a Potential New Member to drop all fraternities and/or participate in open recruitment.
    4. Violating any Interfraternity Council Recruitment regulation for the purpose of getting a Potential New Member to join.
    5. Any violation of FIPG policy during recruitment.
    6. Any other act deemed by the Judicial Board or Vice President of Recruitment as “Dirty Recruiting.”
    7. All guest in attendance at non IFC Executive board scheduled events must follow all rules and regulations as outlined in these By-laws. If any guest is found in violation, this will result in the chapter being held responsible for their actions.